Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I wrote this last night when he tugged at my heartstrings (One of Many Poems to Come)

Bang bang
You shot me down

Kill me more, darling.
Under your touch,
Vivaldi's Four Seasons pierce my veins
Play me, play me
Like the fiddle you enchanted me with
On that spring day in April
When even butterflies came to listen to us
Play me, play me
Like the Blood Violin you dream of
Play me, play me
Like all those melodies in that magical head of yours

Bang Bang

Kill me more.
I crave this sweet little death,
The songs that escape your lips at 2 am
I crave to hide in your hair
To put you to sleep
and wake up at 4 am
to your face bathed in starlight,
how lucky I am to see you like this.

Bang Bang

Plane Crashes
all in my heart
because of you.

Inject yourself into my system
Be the syringe
Be the scalpel
the knife
my death
my perdition
drag me down to the nine circles of hell.

I have come to lead you to the
other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.

I burn for you,
in you,
immolate me
burn me
I am your Lilith.
waltz with me
tha dance of the devil

I am your Blood Violin.
Play me, play me
until I'm molten steel
until I am but embers.

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